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We provide complete on-site contract cleaning services of Industrial equipment such as molding equipment, conveyors, stators, etc. as well as commercial and residential fire restoration, mold remediation and general maintenance.
PRICE Technologies also uses and recommends a specialized group of contractor that are fully certified to service your needs based on your individual application requirements using the Cold Jet Dry Ice blasting systems.
Our technicians are factory trained and certified, licensed and insured and available to tackle your cleaning requirements 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Aero 80 Serie

PRICE manufactures its own dry ice at a state of the art facility in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. We currently offer dry ice in different sizes and shapes for all the dry ice market needs. Our dry ice is manufactured and offered in 3mm pellets, ideal for effective dry ice blasting cleaning applications. Also, PRICE Technologies manufactures dry ice in FDA grade tablets, ideal for the airline and food industry.



Aero 40 Serie

If your cleaning requirements justify the purchase of your own equipment, PRICE sales engineers will be happy to recommend a complete Coldjet dry ice blasting system that will meet your requirements. Our experience in industrial, commercial and residential dry ice blasting applications ensures that the system we recommend will be economical, dependable and effective for your specific application.


I3 MicroClean

This unique cleaning system capitalizes on Cold Jet’s patented shaved ice and feeder technologies to deliver a complete precision cleaning solution. It is an ergonomic and intuitive system that utilizes a readily available blast medium, and is fast, effective and proven reliable. Its unparalleled low air and ice consumption provides cost-effective operation in an almost noise-free environment.



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