Greentech Inc. is a vertically integrated company that offers complete dry ice solutions to customers in Puerto Rico, The Caribbean Basin, Central and South America.

We currently offer dry ice in different sizes and shapes for all the dry ice market needs. All our Dry Ice is 99.99% food grade.

Our dry ice is manufactured in 16 mm pellets (ideal for perishables transportation and conservation) and 3mm pellets (ideal for effective dry ice blasting cleaning applications). Also, manufactures dry ice in FDA grade tablets, ideal for the airline and food industry.

Dry Ice blocks are also manufactured in our facility, and widely used for the refrigerated transportation industry and for cold storage of food, pharmaceuticals, bio technology and others.

Greentech Inc. is the first and most experienced dry ice blasting distributor in the Caribbean, with a long list of clients all around the islands. Greentech / Puerto Rico Ice Technologies is also the exclusive distributor for Cold Jet Inc., the world’s premier and biggest dry ice manufacturing and dry ice cleaning systems manufacturer in the world.

We have been contracted to perform dry ice blasting projects in most industries such as food, printing, paper, tape, automotive, marine, military, restoration, manufacturing, etc. Our revolutionary technology is the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly method to clean almost any surface including generators, stators, tanks, and HRSG cleaning.

Greentech specializes in cleaning power plant and electric generation facilities. We dry ice clean heavy duty equipment, power generation facilities and electric utility plants.

Electrical and utilities industries are finding that the answer to performance in electrical equipment is keeping them clean. The demand to keep the equipment producing can prevent the companies from the necessary cleaning and maintenance. Cold Jet dry ice blasting process is the answer by restoring both rotating and stationary electrical equipment to optimum performance with short outages. Dry ice blasting the equipment, on-line is the most cost effective, and the most recommended process by all industry professionals.

The new technology of CO2 blasting is the modern alternative to chemical cleaning, sandblasting, water blasting, steam cleaning, manual scrubbing, scraping, and hand tooling, and is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning available today. Dry ice cleaning is typically much faster than these other methods so we save our customers a lot of time. Because of the reduced time frame, reduced labor costs, and reduced cost of material disposal, we also save our customers a lot of money.

Old processes include taking equipment apart and can be very time consuming and keeps equipment from producing. Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting is a faster, more environmentally-friendly cleaning process for the power and electric industry. Clean without waiting for cool down or disassembly, saving time, money, and maximizing efficiency!

Due to growing demand for electricity, some equipment such as pad-mounted switchgears and substations go without maintenance. This results in less efficient operation and unplanned outages caused by flashover.

The dry ice cleaning process requires dry ice supply, a Cold Jet dry ice blasting unit, a 250 compressor and a dryer system. Our Cold Jet dry ice blasting equipment is completely portable and fully self-contained. Our people are certified in confined space and working at elevations. We are also experts in containment, which allows us to blast near production areas, as well as being ideal for environmental site cleaning. Our employees undergo extensive safety training and our company holds an impeccable safety record. Greentech has over a decade of experience and we have never recorded a serious accident.

Our objective is to continue to provide quality work to our current customers, as well as expanding our ice blasting services to other companies and industries. Our work is always done professionally and on time. Our company is and has been pioneering this industry. We have reached out to different industries and have completed applications never intended for ice blasting. We ensure your experience with Greentech will be professional, courteous, and will meet the high standards your industry demands.

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